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Desiree hails from Ocean County New Jersey. Ever since her youth she expressed a passionate interest in the art of make-up, knowing her direction at a young age. She is extremely unique in her craft in that she continuously studies multiple colors as they relate to the facial anatomy.

To quote Desiree, “It is important to spend time with my clients to analyze facial features and bone structure in detail in order to apply the correct colors, blending appropriate shading to achieve proper symmetrical flow of the pigments on the face as each person possesses their own unique features.”


Desiree Dalisay’s Permanent Make-Up @ Dreamline

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Permanent make-up is a non-surgical procedure designed to give you the beauty of wearing make-up but not having to take the time out of your day to do it. Tattoo cosmetics are a great innovation to help enhance your facial features by finding the correct shape to best suit your face, as well as the multiple choices in doing so to best express yourself. Permanent make-up gives you the option to go more neutral with a newer nude lip tint, the hair strokes of your brow or a slight lash enhancement through very thin tattoo eyeliner. You as well have just as much freedom to be very dramatic with a sensual red lip, possibly a thicker eyeliner look or another color choice, just as well a tattoo powder brow application where Desiree essentially fills in your brows like how you might with a liner, pomade or powder.

In these tattoo cosmetic procedures, rather than using typical tattoo inks, Desiree uses special pigments in which are thicker to prevent the running of color. The skin on your face is different from the skin on the rest of your body so this pigment is necessary for a long-lasting, stay-in-place application. If regular tattoo inks had been used you then run the risk of overtime having the color bleed out onto your skin almost giving the illusion of smudged make-up. It is very important to have the proper care taken when approaching the idea of putting something on your face for everyone to see and Desiree would make sure you get that care needed.

You may ask yourself if permanent make-up is really for you. Well tattoo cosmetics can benefit you if you have a busy lifestyle and possibly do not have the time to apply it yourself. How amazing would it be to just wake up and already be able to start your day? Other reasons it could be helpful is if you have hair-loss problems like alopecia, asymmetrical features that you would like to match, cosmetic allergies, poor vision or maybe unsteady hands. These are all very valid reasons people have such procedures done.

At Dreamline, Desiree keeps a large assortment of pigments with multiple different undertones to best compliment your specific skin tone, eye color and hair shade. She will work with you in finding the most suitable shades for you and your lifestyle. Desiree will never implant a pigment without first confirming with you that it is your desired color. It is important to be aware that when the color had been freshly implanted it will appear darker and more shiny than that of it’s healed result, keep that in mind.

Unsure how to prepare for your actual procedure at Dreamline? Desiree will have you complete a packet where it will ask you specifics about your medical history. This is to ensure a smooth application for certain health issues that may need to be cleared by your doctor. You may as well be advised to postpone skin treatments, begin a prophylactic medication, or discontinue medications, vitamins or supplements. When planning for your cosmetic tattoo application be conscious of what you have scheduled around the procedure. Amongst healing in the first week you can not wear any other makeup. Also, when it comes to the application you must allow for 2-3 hours for completion.

Most new cosmetic tattoo applications require a second appointment touch up for best results. Very similar to the idea of how you would coat a wall with paint twice for best coverage, the same goes for permanent make-up and the saturation. Another reason, would be after viewing the healed color if you did not feel it suited you, the application could be redone with a new shade. Swelling and bleeding may occur which is completely normal. Everyone’s bodies react differently so it may or may not happen for you but just be aware it is a possibility. Touch-ups should be made 2-3 weeks after initial procedure.

Tattoo cosmetics are permanent but there is some maintenance to be done to keep them the color desired. Over the years colors fade dependant on multiple factors. It is important to follow aftercare instructions, refrain from UV exposure, just like skincare treatments whilst healing, be honest about health conditions and medications as well as lifestyle. Smoking can prevent you from healing as quickly. Many people schedule a visit every few years to refresh their make-up color so that they have their desired shades.

Detailed Info:  Permanent Lip Color | Permanent EyelinerPermanent CorrectionPermanent Eyebrows | Pricing

Permanent Lip Color can help define lips without surgery or fillers to do so. If you believe your lips are too pale, it can also help alleviate the stress of constantly having to worry about reapplying your lipstick. In getting tattooed lips you no longer have to worry about having to line your lips and whether they are symmetrical because you always at least have the baseline in which the color is implanted.

Lips tell a story of your emotions and really brighten up your smile. They frame your teeth and may help you appear more attractive the more symmetry that they have. Tattooing on your lips can help even out your cupid’s bow and even out the sides of your mouth to ensure that symmetry.

With Desiree, each lip procedure includes a face and lip shape analysis. She will work with you in creating a custom lip color to properly suit your skin tone. If you desire to apply lipstick over it for more drama when going out to a special event, you still have the freedom to do so.

Desiree is trained in color theory and different color techniques which allow you to decide between whether you would like to acquire lipliner, liner with shading or full lip color. For those of you who don’t know what liner with shading is, it is essentially ombre lips that help to plump the appearance of those lips with proper contour, which is the reason behind the phrase for this procedure also being known as lip contouring.

If you so choose to have this procedure, be sure to know that hair removal from the area should be completed a few days in advance. If you have electrolysis or laser hair removal, it should be done 5-7 days prior. If you have a favorite lipstick that you would like to mimic the color of, be sure to bring it in for color matching.


Permanent Eyeliner helps enhance the appearance of the eyes and eradicates the need to use conventional liner in order to help make your lashes appear thicker and darker if they seem to be lacking. Tattoo liner allows you to swim, shower and workout without having to worry about it smudging. It is very conducive for those with unsteady hands, vision complications, or even just oily skin. Optometrists even recommend tattoo liner for anyone who wears contact lenses, are allergic to conventional make-up, or just have plain watery eyes.

Tattoo eyeliner may frame the eyes assisting in your lashes appearing darker, fuller, or more thick. It may help to create an illusion of larger eyes, the spacing between the eyes to seem more appropriate for your facial structure, as well as restore balance to an asymmetrical visage. It also has the ability to brighten up your eyes themselves and allow the color of them to intensify and appear more alluring.

For those who may not want something so dramatic, There is another option. Eyelash enhancement is a technique used to only tattoo in the lashline and not above it to help your lashes appear more full. It is for those who would like to go for a more natural look. No harsh line is created in the lashline so it appears that it is just your eyelashes. Some men even have this procedure done to add dimension to their eyes without the appearance or wearing make-up.

In the healing process, if you are someone who wears contacts, you will not be able to wear them for two days after the procedure. Be sure to bear that in mind. You as well before having the procedure, if you have had lasik or any other eye surgery, you must wait until you are completely healed. If you are using an eyelash growth product you must withhold from it for bare minimum a month prior.


The best way to reach your desired goal in tattoo cosmetics is to carefully choose a qualified and experienced cosmetician. Regrettably, many clients choose theirs based on low price and convenience but lament having made that decision later on. Fortunately, permanent make-up mistakes can be resolved or at least refined. There have been cases of Desiree having had to correct other technicians poor work.

If a saline removal is not necessary and the shape is already at your desired state, Desiree can ameliorate the tattoo using color correction. This technique is applied when your color has faded to typically an orange, blue or purple. A corrective color is then tattooed over the faded cosmetic to neutralize it. Typically the improvement is noticeable immediately but still must heal to embody the desired color.


Eyebrows frame the eyes and are a point of reference that may dictate how the features of your face are discerned. Your brow shape can assist in the overall presentation of your face and be made to appear that the eyes are more lifted, displaying a younger face. A good eyebrow can even allow cheekbones to seem more defined and alter the perception of someone’s nose.

There are two options for you when having your eyebrows tattooed on. For those who desire a more natural look, hair strokes are a great way to appear to have fuller brows without taking away from the appearance of them being your actual brow hairs. The second choice is that of a permanent powder brow application. The powder brow helps to fill in your brow shape to appear more dramatic and seem as if you really are always wearing make-up but it does not wash off.

Some clients are interested in an application process known as microblading. This is similar to that of tattooed hair strokes but it is an inferior procedure in that it does not last nearly as long. Due to being a fad, it is typically priced higher. Unfortunately, in this industry there are technicians that will take advantage of this situation due to the novelty. Desiree’s unique skills in tattoo hair strokes allow her to obtain the same results as microblading. After extensive research, Des chooses not to delve into this arena in that microblading falls short of it’s claims, coupled with the fact that permanent cosmetics have a safer application process and she and others in this trade are of the opinion that microblading will not be around for the long hall.

At Dreamline Ink your permanent eyebrow procedure includes a face and brow analysis with a new design if desired. Desiree will create custom eyebrows through her shaping skills mixed with your desired end goal to make sure you are very satisfied in the end.


Take advantage of these introductory prices to welcome Desiree to the area

Eyebrows: $400

Top Eyeliner: $250

Bottom Eyeliner: $200

Top and Bottom Liner: $425

Lip Liner: $200

Lip Liner w/ Shading: $300

Full Lip Color: $475




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