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Sep 5, 2016
by Barb on Dream Line Ink

I just my tattoo in memory of my dad, timmy friday as my artist and did a great job i love it. Thank you all u guys !! Your guys are the best!!!!

Sep 5, 2016
by Kelvin Do on Dream Line Ink
Tim Is The Man

Couldnt ask for a better artist for my first tattoo. I gave timmy an idea with a few pictures and he simplY pieced exactly what wanted into one design. Inked it on my body perfectly as i would have imagIned. TruelY a gifted artist, deffinately will be back for more ink from timmy !

Sep 5, 2016
by Paige Sacco on Dream Line Ink
Best PlacE

Dreamline is the best Tattoo shop ever. The place was Very welcoming and clean environment. I had uncle sPike and he made my experience very relaxing, comfortablE, and a great time. I cant wait until taTtoo #5!!!!

Sep 5, 2016
by Kailey on Dream Line Ink

I got a piercing done here and it went smoothly and I Absolutely love it. If you are looking for a clean place with good staff to get a piercing I would definitely go here.

Sep 5, 2016
by Beth Tozer on Dream Line Ink

Took my daughter To your shop to get her first tattoo by timmy friday and was nothing but execellent service and a very friendly atmosphere. I will be going here again and even though its 30 minutes from my house i would recommend this shop to anyone.

Sep 5, 2016
by Lexy Candelaria on Dream Line Ink
Belly Piercing

I met with timmy and he was funny and made me feel very comfortable!!! Being the fact that this was my first body piercing. He answered all of my questions and made it quick and easy with no pain. I love my piercing and it’s healing great. i was also given his personal number if i had any questions and i was able to purchase all the necessary cleaning supplies for my belly button to heal good!! if your ever in EGG HARBOR and want a tattoo or piercing go to dreamline ink tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 11, 2015
by Connor on Dream Line Ink
Excellent Job

I met with “uncle” spike right before my tattoo session after being referred to him by a member of his team. this was not my first tattoo, and this was by far the best EXPERIENCE I have had in a shop. The shop is clean and organized with each artist in their own private room. From start to finish spike made sure I was COMFORTABLE with what was going on and was chatty, not to mention funny as hell. There is not doubt that I will be returning to Uncle Spike very soon.

Sep 22, 2015
by SUZI on Dream Line Ink
Love It

My nephew referred me to timmy and he got me in right away. it was a simple tat and it took him 15 minutes. he did a great job. i’m from north jersey and i’ll def be back to see timmy for tat #8.

Sep 22, 2015
by Nicholas on Dream Line Ink
Sea Turtle Trap

i was really happy with the outcome and i certainly will come back and get more when i have the money for it, get in contact if you guys ever have a special .

Sep 22, 2015
by Faith on Dream Line Ink
Tiger Tattoo

Dreamline ink is a very welcoming place. i felt very excited and talking to robin and the others really helped to make me calm before the tattoo. the tattoo healed perfectly with no pain. and i am still loving it to this day. many of my friends have also gotten tattos there and feel the same way.

Aug 5, 2015
by Rachel on Dream Line Ink

I came in for my first tattoo and was tattooed by timmy Friday. I was really nervous but he explained everything that he was doing and made me feel more comfortable. He did a magnificent job and told me how to take care of it afterwards.

Jul 15, 2015
by Jerry Bellino on Dream Line Ink
Great Ink

I felt very comfortable sitting down with uncle spike for the first tattoo i have ever received. the place was fresh and the service was wonderful.

Jul 7, 2015
by Kathy on Dream Line Ink
Rose Tattoo

today I got a rose tattoo done by joe he’s wonderful I love my rose he told everything he doing and explain how to take care of it

Jun 24, 2015
by Ronda Hawn on Dream Line Ink

I had a tattoo done by Timmy and I love it. Would highly recommend him.. the place was very clean. when i walked in i felt very comfortable.

May 24, 2015
by Shauna on Dream Line Ink
Dave Does Amazing Work

I got flowers on my arm by dave and the detail is so amazing, I get so many COMPLIMENTs on it. I absolutely love it and will be back for more!

Apr 3, 2015
by Jordan on Dream Line Ink
Clean, Great Artwork, Great People

I got a anatomical heart tattoo done by Timmy Friday. It was my first tattoo, he was nice, did a great job, everything was so clean, and I was completely satisfied with my experience. I am definitely going back again for more tattoos

Mar 22, 2015
by Allen Nuytens on Dream Line Ink
UNcle Spike Is The Man!

Uncle spike did an awesome job of my chest tattoo and I will ABSOLUTELY be going to him for my next tattoos! He was my first tattoo artist and i’m lucky to have him do my body art.

Mar 21, 2015
by SYdney on Dream Line Ink
Red Lotus & Tribal

I got my first tattoo done by Dave. It was a red lotus flower with tribal on my hip. I was very happy with the tattoo and it healed very nicely. I plan on going back to him to get my other hip done. Awesome artist!

Feb 20, 2015
by Nicky on Dream Line Ink

I love my Dragon tatToo! It was dOne by joe. He was Very nice and i Plan on coming back to get my whole back done.

Feb 19, 2015
by Ebony on Dream Line Ink
3d Tattoo

joe, did a 3 dimensional butterfly tattoo on me. the shading was as if it was a live butterfly on my arm. I will never go anywhere else.

Feb 19, 2015
by Ebony on Dream Line Ink

Joe, did a 3 dimensional butterfly tattoo on me. the shading was as if it was a live butterfly on my arm. I will never go anywhere else!

Feb 13, 2015
by Frank on Dream Line Ink

Also have a sleeve in progress by timmy friday and it is everything i could ever want and more. it is so awesome seeing the GENIUS drawings that he comes up with from little ideas that i give him. Like i said in my last review ill never go to another tattoo studio in my life and no matter whose there when i walk in i know ill walk out with a tattoo that’s out of this world

Feb 13, 2015
by Frank on Dream Line Ink

got a custom leg sleeve done by joe and he exceeded my expectations by a long shot. i gave him a couple of my ideas and he gave me a piece i will be showing off for decades. i will never go to another place for a tattoo in my life.

Feb 9, 2015
by Jim on Dream Line Ink

came in to get a lip piercing for my son. great experience. clean shop, great people!!! highly recommended!!! Thanks uncle spike!!!

Feb 4, 2015
by Jon on Dream Line Ink

called them and they were able to design, add, and complete my new sons feet into my existing tattoo. Best part was it was done the same day and I look forward to future business with them! timmy Friday was awesome!

Jan 29, 2015
by Holly Ritcher on Dream Line Ink


Jan 27, 2015
by Silvana Jester on Dream Line Ink
Amazing Experience

got my original tattoo done at another local shop. was not happy with that place, but dreamline ink fixed my tattoo and made it perfect for me. i loved how friendly everyone was and the shop was very clean. that same night, i had another tattoo done for a very reasonable price. very very happy with their work. no complaints at all. thank you for your great service.

Jan 24, 2015
by Scott on Dream Line Ink
Piercing Experience

Me and my girlfriend had a very pleasant experiencE. Uncle spike was very explanItive and informing very professionaL. I wIll deffinitly go back again i was very satisfyied peircing looks great and my girls looks great too thanks again uncle spike. Was a pleasure and i appreciate your service and professionalism will deff return for further peircings and more then likely my next tattoo thanks again. To both uncle Spike and dreamline ink

Jan 24, 2015
by Elaine on Dream Line Ink

got my first piercing today done by SPike. Was extremely happy with the level of knowledge he had on the body and how things work on a cellular leveL. He not only eXplained what not to use, but detailed why not to and what will happen if directions were not followed. He was very clear on the directions and made us feel extremely comfortable. There is no Question on where my next piercing will hapPen!!

Jan 21, 2015
by Kristina Yann on Dream Line Ink
SPike Made Our ANNIVERSARY One We Will Never Forget

My husband and i went to spike to get our first tatoos to commemorate our 13th anniversary. We were clueless about what we wanted except that we wanted the number 13. Spike came up with an incrediblE design wHere the number 13 became a heart. They are beautiful and we love them. Everyone was so nice and professionAl. It was worth the 2 1/2 hour drive from

Jan 19, 2015
by Sera Hambel on Dream Line Ink

I have been going to DreamLine ink for a few years now and I absolutely love it its very clean very sterile AND I was there when DreamLine moved Timmy Friday has done both of my tattoos and they both came out phenomenal and quite honestly I don’t know what I would do if there wasn’t a clean sterile place to get ink or my piercings in this Area they are always number one 🙂

Jan 18, 2015
by Sam on Dream Line Ink

I have been there twice. one for a naval piercing and once for a nose piercings. These are not crazy things, but they often get infected on people. mine did not. the procedure was very clean and i trust dreamline to do my first tattoo. i refuse to go anywhere else.

Jan 18, 2015
by Jimmy Gifford on Dream Line Ink
Spike Is Who You Need

This was my second tattoo done by spike and it was even better than the first. he has a light hand and is extremely talented. the shop is clean and is just a great atmosphere.

Jan 16, 2015
by Juanita Vocaro on Dream Line Ink
SwEet Tats !!!!!!!!!!!!!$

My huSband and i have gotten several tats by dave haag . Each Tattoo was perfect , hes a great artist , very professional . Cant wait to get more ! Thanks again , were very pleased with your work and as always they where amazing

Jan 16, 2015
by Lisa S on Dream Line Ink
Dave Is The Best Ever

Best artist around ! Every tattoo i have from dave haag is exceptionally fantastic . my latest tattoo was a pic of my moM , It came out wonderful looks exactly like her! Im never going to anyone else hes the best there is!

Jan 16, 2015
by Micheal RoBinIwitz on Dream Line Ink
Dave Haag Is Awesome

Dave did my tattoo last month , got a nice price and an awesome tattoo. Best christmas gift ever. it was A great place , clean and quiet And in a good neighborhood. My tattoo looks awesome i love it !

Jan 16, 2015
by Angela J on Dream Line Ink
Dave Is Worth The Wait

WaiTed a week to get in with dave, but it was well worth the wait! I am very happy wIth my tattoo, it was my first one so i was scared. Thankfully dave did a great job and ill surely be getting more now ! Worth the wait!!!!!!

Jan 16, 2015
by Fred on Dream Line Ink
Love My Tattoo

Got angel wings with my daughters name underneath across my back. It was suprisingly affordable aNd By far the best tattoo i have gotten! Extremely happy with the tattoo And cant wait to get more done by dave haag . Healed perfectly and looks good!!!!!!!!

Jan 16, 2015
by Jessica on Dream Line Ink
Awesome Tattoo!!

Dave did my tattoo and i love it! He was Great. I get so many compliments on my tattoo, Its truly a work of art !! Great value too !!!Will be coming back again For sure!! Thanks so much

Jan 16, 2015
by Ray on Dream Line Ink
Dave Is The Best

Dave has been taTtooing me for years,i wouldnt go to anyone else . Hes the best ! Clean lines and amazing detail. So happy with my tattoos

Jan 15, 2015
by Jimmy Bronson on Dream Line Ink
Dave Haag

I’Ve got tattoos all over the country by the best in the business, Dave haag is right up there with them.

Jan 15, 2015
by Emani on Dream Line Ink
Great Job

I got my belly piercing 5 days ago and was very impressed. Spike did great explained everything very. I will be going back and telling friends

Jan 15, 2015
by JESS on Dream Line Ink


Jan 15, 2015
by Robert Bowen on Dream Line Ink

thanks timmy Friday, excellent work,great artist,i would definitely recommend dreamline ink to anybody …

Jan 14, 2015
by Allison on Dream Line Ink

Had a good experience! even though i got a little tattoo, it still came out good. i would defently go back to spike

Jan 13, 2015
by Austin on Dream Line Ink

I got my taTtoo about two weeks ago and im very happy with it. It was a simple Tattoo on my arm but spike did an amazing job.

Jan 13, 2015
by Amanda Dowling on Dream Line Ink
Great Experience Every Time

I have gone to dreamline for both my belly button piercing and nose piercing over the course of 2 years and have been extremely satisfied with every visit. the artists and employees are extremely friendly and welcoming. The aftercare information and questions are thoroughly explained. i highly recommend dreamline!

Jan 11, 2015
by Tom POWERS on Dream Line Ink

I got my tattoo from mark about a month ago. all i can say is i love it. nothing to extreme. was a simple small tattoo on my leg but i couldn’t be happier with it. great place and great people. will deffinetly be coming back.

Jan 9, 2015
by CHRIS MELLON on Dream Line Ink


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